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Sociology Podcast #3: Managing a co-editorship

Brian Donovan and Bill Staples, the current co-editors of The Sociological Quarterly, discuss their methods for successfully managing the workload and relationship of a co-editorship.

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Publishing Workshop #7: The Joys and Sorrows of Writing an Undergraduate Textbook

By Catherine Sanderson, Associate Professor of Psychology at Amherst College

In this podcast Catherine shares with us her knowledge of writing an undergraduate textbook and answers some commonly asked questions about the experience.

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Sociology Podcast #2: Keys to being a successful editor

We’re pleased to bring you the second podcast in our Sociology series. Peter Kivisto served as editor of Sociological Quarterly from 2005 through 2008, and now he shares his thoughts on the top 10 key successes of editing a journal.  When the podcast concludes, we’d love to hear your thoughts and welcome your comments below.