Publishing Workshop #6: How to Survive the Review Process

By Greg Maney, Associate Professor of Sociology, Hofstra University

In this podcast Greg shares his experiences with the review process and offers practical suggestions to help make your experience a constructive and rewarding one!

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One response to “Publishing Workshop #6: How to Survive the Review Process

  1. Thank you for your podcast! I thought your suggestions for taking the constructive criticism and forgetting the nasty comments were helpful, and reminded me that I am not the only one to receive scathing reviews. Particularly useful, however, are the tips for responding to the editor once a decision has been made. Dealing with the R&R can be difficult and tricky during editor shifts or when reviewers disagree. I would be interested to hear more of your thoughts concerning a change in editorship. For instance, if you receive a “rejection” with the invitation to submit a new manuscript to the new editor or if you receive an R&R but it is to be processed by the new editor. Are there optimum strategies for dealing with this situation, or ones that will provide authors with the most positive outcome? Thanks again for your podcast!

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