Submitting an article for review

When preparing to send an article to a journal for review, authors reflect on where the article will be best suited.  If the article focuses on education issues, then it is likely it will be sent to Sociology of Education.  Similarly, if the article focuses on religious issues, then authors may look to Sociology of Religion.  If the article is not broad or relevant to many readers then it is unlikely to get published in one of the top journals (e.g. American Sociological Review, Social Forces, American Journal of Sociology, etc.).  I have heard of authors sending their articles into top-tiered journals, in order to get a good set of reviews, before sending the paper into the journal that seems to have the better fit.  This seems somewhat unethical, to waste both the editor’s and the reviewers’ time, in order to have a better shot at the initially preferred journal.  Is this common?  What are the opinions of editors who may have to deal with this?

-Submitted by University of Georgia student poster, Maria Paino


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