Publishing Workshop #1: The Secret to Online Publishing Success

By Vanessa Lafaye,  Publisher, Wiley-Blackwell Compass Journals

In this podcast Vanessa shares with us essential knowledge for anyone wanting to publish in the digital age.

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2 responses to “Publishing Workshop #1: The Secret to Online Publishing Success

  1. This was an incredibly helpful post. It will certainly alter the way I approach writing abstracts and titles. It also made me wonder if anything else mattered in these searches. Many journals ask authors to submit keywords with their articles and they are then listed underneath the abstract. Do these keywords remain attached to the article even in a google search? Using the keywords in the abstract seems important, but is there any additional benefit to having a list of keywords underneath the abstract, or does this only help in academic search engines?

  2. Dear Maria,
    We’re happy to hear you found the workshop useful. Keywords don’t have much impact on search engine rankings, even if they’re attached to the abstract. The abstract and title fields are tagged as such in the XML, which makes them easy for the search engines to identify. Keywords are highly variable and not tagged as consistently. The exception to this is if the publisher has inserted the keywords into the article metadata, in which case it can affect rankings, but this won’t be visible to the author. Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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